4 Tours to Understand the Vietnam War

Vietnam War-Themed Tours

These tours related to the Vietman War attract plenty of people to relive the harrowing event that enveloped the entire country for decades. Veterans visit to find closure and healing, their families come to understand the sacrifices of their parents and grandparents, and younger tourists arrive to bring history to life and understand the geopolitical events that defined a generation. Known in Vietnam as the American War, the conflict raged from 1955 to 1975, pitting communist North Vietnam and the Viet Cong against South Vietnam and its main ally, the United States. It changed the nature of political protest and military action in both countries, and left an indelible mark on the landscapes—physical and cultural—of Vietnam. To delve into this significant period of the past, set out with the experts to uncover memorials and battle sites and gain insight into historical events whose impact is still felt today.

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Demilitarized Zone

From Hue, it’s an easy day trip to reach the old Demilitarized Zone, stopping at key sites from the war and former military bases along the way. With Threeland Travel, head just south of the 17th parallel to see the region that once divided North and South Vietnam, and see landmarks like the Rockpile (a former US Marine outpost) and Hien Luong Bridge, or Peace Bridge, which spans that Ben Hai River. If you’d like to visit the sites with your own private guide, Bravo Indochina Tours will take you and your group on a tour that includes the Ho Chi Minh trail—used to transport suppliers—and significant sites from the Easter Offensive like the so-called Horror Highway, the bullet-riddled citadel at Quang Tri, and the old artillery base at Camp Carroll. Both tours let you peer into the Vinh Moc tunnels, where villagers once took refuge during bombing campaigns. Read More...


Cu Chi Tunnels

Ho Chi Minh City

A vast network of subterranean passages, the tunnels of Cu Chi played a significant role during combat. The Viet Cong used them as hiding places, food and weapon cashes, and even living quarters, and the tunnels' extensive reach meant they could be used as communication and supply routes, as well. Table your fear of small spaces and set out on a tour that takes you through a camouflaged trapdoor in the heart of the jungle for a firsthand look at what living conditions were like in these narrow halls. At the Ben Duoc site, now a war memorial, you can crawl through sections of the original tunnels themselves; at Ben Dinh, reconstructions let you see the types of booby traps once concealed within the tunnels. The guides from Vietnam Travel Group will take you into tiny hideouts and sleeping quarters and then take your to the gun range, where you can fire Vietnam-era weapons. With Threeland Travel, you can combine an outing to the Cu Chi tunnels with a tour of the highlights of Ho Chi Minh City. Read More...


ANZAC sites

South Vietnam

The United States wasn't the only ally to South Vietnam; in response to the rise of communism in Southeast Asia, Australia also sent troops to fight between 1962 and 1972 in what was Australia's longest war until the War in Afghanistan. Learn about the military engagement of ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) troops with a private guide from Bravo Indochina Tours as you learn about the Oceanic alliance at key sites throughout the countryside. See the former runway and old helipad at the Nui Dat Task Force Base, which are now a street and soccer field, and hear about the continued presence of landmines at the shuttered Horseshoe Hill Fire Support Base. Your tour also lets you duck inside the narrow galleries of the Long Phuoc Tunnels, which played a key role for the Viet Cong resistance. Read More...

Hear about one of the darkest days of the Vietnam War with a visit to Son My, the site of the My Lai Massacre. An incident that prompted global outrage, the My Lai Massacre was the mass killing of hundreds of unarmed civilians—including women and children—by a group of U.S. Army soldiers. With a thoughtful guide to lead the way, visit the village's museum to understand the events that led up to the atrocity, discuss the backlash and aftermath, and pay your reverent respects to the victims slain on this soil. On your way to Son My, your route takes you by the ancient Champa towers of Chien Dan Cham, which were built long before the war and continue to stand today as a testament to the past. Read More...

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4 Tours to Understand the Vietnam War

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