5 Best Cycling Day Tours in Vietnam

Guided Cycle Trips around Vietnam

Cycle tours around Vietnam are possibly the best way to really see the country up close and personal. From city to city, most streets around Vietnam are flooded with bicycles. Eager students cruise between cars and motorbikes on their way to class, vendors pile their racks with towers of goods headed for the market, and romantic couples share a set of wheels with handlebar rides. Join them on your next trip to Vietnam with a guided tour. Whether you want to glide down quiet country roads to scope out rice paddies, roll between centuries-old temples while learning about the country’s past, or weave between market stalls looking for produce to add to your shopping basket, you’re sure to find a 2-wheeled adventure to suit your interests. So, strap on a helmet and get ready to ride. Here are a few of our favorite bike tours in Vietnam.

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Historic Hue with Cooking Class

Tour duration: 5h 30m

Hue is the perfect stopover point for travelers making the way between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh by bus or train. Its UNESCO-listed Imperial City is filled with ancient bridges, a moat-surrounded citadel, and a host of palaces that will transport you back to the Nguyen Dynasty. See it all on a half-day cycling excursion with Asia Travel Links, and get out of town to see the pastoral landscapes that lie just beyond the city limits. Wrap up your ride with a trip to the market to pick up some fresh ingredients for dinner, and then park your bike at a local kitchen to learn how to whip up Vietnamese classics like fresh spring rolls, tasty fern cakes, and steaming bowls of pho bo (beef noodle soup). Read More...


Early Morning in Hanoi

Tour duration: 3h

Vietnam’s capital city is flecked with parks, lakes, and riverfront promenades that soften its modern edges at every turn. With French, Chinese, and Southeast Asian influences dictating Hanoi’s architectural character, tree-lined avenues full of gabled roofs and Art Deco columns are as common as Buddhist temples and grand pagodas. Take it all in and beat the heat with an early morning bike ride around Hanoi’s streets, led by an experienced guide from Threeland Travel. Watch for multi-generational groups of fitness enthusiasts gathered around Hoan Kiem Lake for their morning routines, ride by the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum while learning about the city’s namesake, and finish up your ride with a bowl of pho to recharge your tired legs. Read More...


Backroads & Pottery of Hoi An

Tour duration: 8h 30m

Hoi An’s historic heart is worth a bike trip all on its own, but this frozen-in-time city is also a great jumping off point for travelers who want to slip into rural life for a peak at Vietnam’s agricultural side. Head out of town with a guide from Hoi An Express for a ride around small villages and farms. Visit with skilled artists who create Hoi An’s iconic paper lanterns, lend a hand on a vegetable farm, and grab lunch at a small café. On your way back to town with your guide from Hoi An Express, trade your bike for a boat and cruise down the Thu Bon River back to Hoi An, stopping off at a pottery workshop along the way. Read More...


The Mekong Delta cradles the southern borders of Vietnam in fertile fields, winding rivers, and quiet rice paddies. Traditional villages are filled with stilted houses, market days are conducted on the water in boats, and the pointed peaks of Khmer pagodas are the only thing that rises above the thick jungle canopy. Explore the Mekong’s maze by bicycle with Vietnam Travel Group and dive into this dynamic corner of Vietnam. Watch fisherman plying the waters in colorful boats, enjoy lunch in the shade of star apple trees, and bite into fresh dragon fruit while chatting with local farmers. After diving into the area’s backroads, return to My Tho for a ride around town, passing through bustling markets where everything from live frogs to housewares are on offer from vocal vendors. Read More...

History buffs interested in the Vietnam War can get out of Ho Chi Minh City for a day and cruise around Cu Chi’s forested paths. Along the way, your guide from Grasshopper Adventures shows you what’s hidden beneath the fallen foliage, the infamous Cu Chi Tunnels. Used by Vietnamese soldiers during the war, this maze of subterranean passageways has been preserved to show visitors what life was like during those turbulent times. Hop off your bike to crawl inside for a look at underground sleeping quarters, kitchens, and operational rooms where officers planned and reacted to attacks. Learn about the war’s legacy with engaging commentary, continue your history-packed chat over lunch, and end the day with a comfortable ride back to Ho Chi Minh, complete with convenient drop-off at your hotel. Read More...

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