Vietnamese Culture Tour


Learn about the long history and varied influences that help define Vietnamese society with a tour that immerses you in the complex layers of the country's cultural mix. This special backstreet experience provides a glimpse into the arts, music, and language that shaped Vietnam as it is today.

The tour kicks off with a look at ancient Chinese influence on Vietnam's language. Chinese characters formed the basis of Vietnamese writing for more than 1,000 years, until the adoption of Latin letters in the 1920s. Get an introduction to the basics of Chinese characters and the ancient art of calligraphy in a course with a local instructor.

After a light meal with rice cake and black bean dessert, you visit the quarters of the only remaining craftsmen who practice the ancient tradition of paper masks. A cherished practice among local children during festivals, this course can color up your day as you paint a mask you can call your own.

End this intimate cultural tour with a special pho dinner, giving you an authentic taste of one of Vietnam's most popular street foods.

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