Traditional Children's Toys Workshop


Learn about a traditional Vietnamese toy still sold on street corners today, and try your hand at crafting a few of your own in an interactive workshop. Tò he (toy figurine) is made of edible glutinous rice powder, and comes in many shapes and colors to let you build what you want.

Meet a local toy maker in an authentic workshop, and learn to build tò he, a traditional Vietnamese toy. Tò he dates back to the 17th century, when it was frequently made to resemble animals, flowers, or traditional figures. During festivals, craftsmen traveled between towns to use tò he to entertain children with the colorful characters of ancient folklore.

Work with the colorful material, bringing to life the visions in your head with surprising ease. Tò he may not be as flashy as modern digital toys, but it retains its power to delight children and adults with lively, colorful designs and the flexibility to take on many forms.

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