Tire Bag Workshop from Scrap to Fashion Accessories


Environmental awareness is a growing concern in the world, and ways of making the world more sustainable are popping up everywhere. Take advantage of an opportunity to assist in the creation of a stylish and useful bag that's made completely from recycled tires.

In a small group of no more than 3, engage in a fascinating discussion about some of the efforts people around the world are putting into place to increase sustainability. Learn why discarded vehicle tires are one of the greatest threats to the environment, and different ways society can use them for other purposes.

Next, it's time to work with your knowledgeable host to design and create one of the strongest, most durable bags you'll ever use. Rubber from tires that were once used to carry vehicles across miles of rugged terrain is now repurposed into a useful, everyday item you can take home with you and enjoy for years to come.

The new bag you help create breathes new life into old resources, and is designed to survive through the ages with minimal wear and tear. It's an educational and rewarding experience with information you can enjoy sharing with others.

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