Overnight Farm Stay

Multi-Day & Extended Tours

Explore the paddies and sugarcane fields of Vietnam's countryside with a bicycle ride along the Vam Co Tay River. Spend 2 days in the suburbs around Ho Chi Minh City, get to know the people with a stay at a family farm, and see the country through a local's eyes.

Day 1:
Meet your guide in Le Minh Xuan Commune and start pedaling for the 4.3-mile (7-km) ride through peaceful villages on quiet back roads. Visit a family-run incense-making workshop and rest at a local pagoda along the way, and then take a motorboat ride to a wide lotus field, where you can try to collect one of the flowers to prepare a delicious Vietnamese salad.

Return to land and keep cycling over a high bridge to visit a local primary school. A transfer takes you to a farm at Binh Tien, where your host family greets you with a homemade herbal drink. Get to know the family, watch the ducks swimming in the pond, or admire the tropical fruit trees, vegetables, and flowers in the garden before a lunch prepared from homegrown fresh ingredients.

After some time to relax in the afternoon, take a ride around the village and visit some vegetable farms to buy ingredients for dinner. When you return to the farm, help your hostess prepare for dinner and learn how to cook the local dishes, and then sit down for good food and company over cups of rice wine. Soak your feet in hot herbal water before you go to bed.

Day 2:
Wake up early to join your hostess with the daily gardening and farming before breakfast with a cup of Vietnamese coffee. Afterwards, you can go fishing before you say farewell to your hosts and head back to Ho Chi Minh City.

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