Lantern-Making Workshop


Bring home your own version of the colorful handcrafted lanterns that decorate the streets of Hoi An at night. Along with letting you craft one of these vibrant traditional items, this workshop shares the background and significance of the designs that bring color to the city.

In a cozy workshop with guidance from one of the city's most respected lantern makers, try your hand at crafting a lantern to form your own unique design. As the lantern takes shape, learn about the special meaning the lanterns hold for local people, who believe that hanging lanterns in front of their houses may bring luck, happiness, and wealth to the family.

Traditionally the lanterns were only made of silk and featured a limited selection of designs, but over time, lantern makers have crafted a diverse array of shapes and materials. Take inspiration from lanterns shaped like lotuses, diamonds, triangles, and garlic, made from cardboard or nylon fibers, as you create a light of your own.

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