Historic Art of Calligraphy Class


Learn the ancient art of calligraphy, introduced to Vietnam by the Chinese as a unique form of expression that has shaped the local culture. Get a look at how this beautiful form of writing has changed over history to adapt the art to better express the richness of the Vietnamese language.

This experience lets you learn both Chinese characters, which formed the basis of Vietnamese writing for centuries, and the modern Quoc Ngu script that became dominant under French colonial rule. You can see how calligraphy evolved from a practice of scholars and noblemen while retaining the essence of the art, as different characters gracefully harmonize to change the meaning of a word.

Your host, a skilled artist and a calligraphy master, offers you a look back in time to explore an art form that is still revered and respected. Throughout the workshop, you get a chance to give your own strokes form as you learn this ancient art.

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