Fried Insect Cuisine Adventure

Food & Drink

Taste a modern Cambodian tradition—insects fried to perfection with a variety of garnishes and spices. Try several varieties of this unique culinary practice, and then learn how they are prepared in a hands-on culinary session.

Fried insects are a common sight on the streets of Cambodia. Perhaps you were hesitant to try them before, but now you're free to taste a wide variety of these delectable creatures, fried to perfection and garnished with crisp basil leaves, fried garlic, and a whole host of other spices.

The practice of eating insects came about during the Khmer Rouge regime, when many were forced to eat insects to survive due to severe starvation. After the war, this necessity became a tradition, and people continued cooking them as local fare.

A local delicacy enjoyed by many Cambodians, they are commonly paired with the national beer or with a traditional rice or palm wine. Some even believe that eating these insects can help to protect from disease and keep the body warm. Try these excellent sources of protein for yourself, and then learn how they are prepared.

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