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Mui Ne Attractions

  • Mui Ne & Phan Thiet Attractions

    What to See in Mui Ne & Phan Thiet

    Mui Ne and Phan Thiet attractions range from stunning beaches, tropical forest and sand dunes to traditional villages, fishing harbour and ancient structures such as the Po Shanu Cham Towers and Van Thuy Tu Temple. Must-visits include the iconic Red and White Sand Dunes, which offer a fun-filled day of riding ATVs and sliding down the slopes on plastic sleds while Fairy Stream is a photography and hiking hotspot thanks to its dramatic landscape of white and red sand dunes, verdant trees, colourful flowers, and coconut palms.

    Offering ample opportunities for visitors to explore throughout their holiday, Mui Ne is also ideal for travellers looking to escape the bustling cities of Saigon and Hanoi as it’s easily accessible within a four-hour taxi ride from Tan Son Nhat International Airport. Read on for our comprehensive guide of what to see in Mui Ne and Phan Thiet.

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    1. Pandanus Resort 4.3/ 5
    2. Muine Bay Resort 4.1/ 5
    3. The Sailing Bay Beach Resort 3.3/ 5
    4. Full Moon Village 4.8/ 5
    5. Saigon Emerald Resort 4.0/ 5
    6. Nam Chau Resort 3.1/ 5
    7. Nang Hon Rom Resort 3.4/ 5
    8. Bach Duong Hotel 2.9/ 5
    9. Mui Ne Village Resort 3.8/ 5

All Attractions in Mui Ne & Phan Thiet


Fairy Stream is a photography hotspot in Phan Thiet and Mui Ne thanks to its dramatic landscape of reds, whites, oranges and pinks. With clear water flowing from Ham Tien’s Dinh Mountain, one side of Fairy Stream features a mix of white and red sand dunes while the other is an expansive field of verdant trees, blossoming flowers, and coconut palms. If you’re feeling a bit peckish, there are several food stalls set along the way while bars and restaurants are located upstream. Also, make sure you wear comfortable clothing and bring an extra pair of shoes as you’ll be wading through water during your visit to Fairy Stream. Read More...

  • Location: Huynh Thuc Khang, Ham Tien, Phan Thiet – Mui Ne
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Mui Ne is Phan Thiet’s most prominent coastal resort town, spanning 15 kilometres of sandy beaches that are lined with an array of dining and shopping venues as well as luxurious beachfront resorts. Great for experiencing the daily lives of the local population, the northern end of Mui Ne Bay is home to a traditional fishing village which also offers a picturesque view of the coastline lined with swaying palm trees and colourful fishing boats moored on the water.

Visiting the fishing harbour at dawn is a must-do as you’ll see local fishermen sorting out hundreds of fresh seafood such as crabs, scallops, groupers, and stingrays. While it remains relatively Read More...

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Mui Ne Fishing Village boasts a splendid view of an expansive coastline lined with swaying palm trees and colourful fishing boats moored on the water. Set at the northern end of Mui Ne Bay, make sure you visit the fishing harbour in the early morning as local fishermen sort out their catch of the day such as crabs, scallops, groupers, and stingrays. Catering to the growing number of foreign visitors, Mui Ne Fishing Village also hosts a number of seafood restaurants and gift shops. Read More...

  • Location: 7km north of Mui Ne Town, Phan Thiet – Mui Ne
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Phan Thiet Harbour


Phan Thiet Harbour is at the mouth of the Ca Ty River (formerly known as the Phan River). The harbour, with its hundreds of colourful fishing boats, is a delight for photographers.

Also, check out the bridges and parks around the harbor, which are delightful, especially at night. Exploring the town’s many good shops and restaurants will occupy at least half a day. 

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The Po Shanu Cham Towers comprise three ancient worship towers dedicated to Hindu deities Lord Shiva, Agni and Nandi. Constructed during the Champa Kingdom, these ruins are set atop Ong Hoang Hill, where you’ll get expansive views of Phan Thiet and the distant coastline. If you explore past the towers, you can also find a fortress formerly used by French and South Vietnamese troops. There’s also a memorial in honour of revolutionaries who launched an attack on the fortress back in 1947. Po Shanu Cham Towers are accessible within a 15-minute drive from Mui Ne Town and a fee of VND 10,000 is required before entering. Read More...

  • Location: Ong Hoang Hill, Phan Thiet – Mui Ne
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Ta Cu Mountain boasts 250,000 square metres of lush rainforests, rare wildlife, limestone caves, and ornate Buddhist structures. After an hour’s drive from Mui Ne Town, the top of the mountain is accessible via a two-hour hike through the jungle or a 10-minute cable-car ride. If you choose the latter, you’ll be greeted with vertigo-inducing views of Thuan Nam Town, Ham Thuan An Sea, and Ke Ga Lighthouse. Set atop Ta Cu Mountain is Linh Son Truong Tho Pagoda which was built in 1962. Its main attraction is a 49-metre long statue of a reclining Buddha, hailed to be the biggest of its kind in Vietnam. Read More...

  • Location: Ham Thuan Nam, Binh Thuan, Phan Thiet – Mui Ne
  • Price Range: VND 160,000 return fare
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Takou Mountain


Takou Mountain is a must for any visitor. About one hour’s drive from Mui Ne, it has its own special magic. Hike up the mountain or take the gondola through beautiful tropical rain forest full of birds and wildlife to the Mountain Pagoda at the peak. Here you can see tomb towers, a cave and what is said to be the largest reclining Buddha in Vietnam, measuring 49 meters in length. 

The Phan Thiet Water Tower


The Phan Thiet Water Tower was built between 1928 and 1934 and was designed by Prince Suphanouvong of Laos who, at that time, was chief engineer for the Vietnamese government. The elegant tower is the most important landmark in Binh Thuan Province. 

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The Prince’s Castle is on a hill overlooking Phan Thiet. The “castle” is in fact the ruin of a large French estate house built in 1911. On the hills in the same area are Cham towers (built in the late 8th century AD), a pagoda and the tomb of a famous poet. From the hills there are fine views of the town and the surrounding countryside.  Read More...

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The Sand Dunes of Mui Ne are two geological wonders no visitor should ever miss out on their travel itinerary. There are numerous tour operators in Mui Ne that organise daytrips to these Saharan-like red and white sand dunes, but you can easily make your way to both locales if you prefer exploring according to your own pace.

The White Dunes are by far the larger dunes and are known by locals as Bau Trang or White Lake. There are quite a few small stands selling food and drinks to visitors within the area along with pine trees offering much-needed shade. Read More...

  • Opening Hours: All year round. Best time to visit is either early in the morning or late afternoon as the sand can get very hot during the day. Take lots of water.
  • Location: White Sand Dunes: 26km northeast of Mui Ne Beach; Red Sand Dunes: 17km northeast of Mui Ne Beach
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Van Thuy Tu Temple is the largest and oldest whale temple in Phan Thiet, displaying skeletal remains of whales, fishing boats, conical hats, and authentic artefacts from the Nguyen Dynasty. Built in 1762 to commemorate Ca Ong (Lord Whale), locals believe that whales are benevolent creatures that protect fisherman from bad weather and the dangers at sea.

Today, this small temple houses the skeletal remains of more than 500 whales that are over 100 years old, including a 22-metre long whale skeleton that’s believed to have been the biggest in Southeast Asia. Numerous artefacts from the Nguyen Dynasty are also displayed within the main hall of the temple, such as Read More...

  • Opening Hours: Daily 07:00 – 17:00
  • Address: 54 Ngu Ong Street, Phan Thiet
  • Price Range: VND 10,000
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White Sand Dunes or Bau Trang (White Lake) feature dramatic white sand dunes plunging towards a small lagoon lined with lotus flowers. Unlike the Red Sand Dunes, there’s also a small pine forest within Bau Trang, providing visitors some much-needed shade from the scorching sun. As one of the only desert areas in Southeast Asia, it’s a favourite spot for unique photo opportunities, sand-sledding, and ATV rides. For about VND 20,000, you can slide down the White Sand Dunes on plastic sleds; going down is quick and easy, but coming back up can be quite a challenge! Read More...

  • Location: 26.5km northeast of Mui Ne Town, Phan Thiet – Mui Ne
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