10 Hotels Travellers Love Most in Hue

10 Best Ranked Hotels in Hue

Check out these 10 hotels travellers love most in Hue to help you in deciding which hotel suits you best for your next holiday in Vietnam’s remarkable town, which is also regarded as the country’s former imperial capital. Check back to this page regularly to keep updated with the selections of hotels in Hue that have made it to the favourites list by fellow travellers who have spent their time there, and who have also provided their feedback based on their experiences. This can save you a lot of time in finding out which hotels in the area appeal to most.

These hotels in Hue also come in a good variety, be it affordable budget hotels to the more luxurious types, but all share one thing in common – they all have satisfied their guests well. There are a lot of factors that contribute to positive feedback from fellow travellers, such as well-furnished rooms and amenities, the great service that is delivered by hotel staff, and also the hotel’s location and ease of access to the sightseeing attractions and heritage landmarks. Onsite leisure and dining facilities may also be a factor, serving as must-dos and destinations on their own.

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Rating From
  1. Cherish Hotel 4.5/ 5
  2. Hotel Saigon Morin 4.4/ 5
  3. Eldora Hotel 4.7/ 5
  4. Indochine Palace 4.6/ 5
  5. Midtown Hotel Hue 4.2/ 5
  6. Moonlight Hotel Hue 4.3/ 5
  7. Hue Serene Palace Hotel 4.6/ 5
  8. Pilgrimage Village Hue 4.6/ 5
  9. Alba Spa Hotel 4.4/ 5
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