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    Travel and Local Information Guide

    Hanoi is a perfect foil for the seething mass of humanity that is Ho Chi Minh City. With a population of four million and a more genteel style than its southern counterpart, Hanoi is the cultural capital of Vietnam and its heart and soul.

    It’s known as one of the most ancient capitals in the world. With a 1,000-year history and many well-preserved buildings along with lush and verdant parks as well as a handful of well-appointed museums, it will quite simply keep you busy for days on end. Some of the attractive features of this French-colonial city are its many lakes, delectable cuisine, handicrafts and its unique multi-cultural society developed from Chinese, French and Russian. Hanoi definitely has so much to offer.

  • Most Booked Hotels
    in Hanoi
    Guest Rating From
    1. Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi 4.8/ 5
    2. Tirant Hotel 4.3/ 5
    3. Hanoi Imperial Hotel 4.2/ 5
    4. Sofitel Plaza Hanoi 4.3/ 5
    5. Golden Silk Boutique Hotel 4.3/ 5
    6. Oriental Central Hotel 4.8/ 5
    7. Hanoi Royal Palace Hotel 2 4.5/ 5
    8. Hotel Nikko Hanoi 4.3/ 5
    9. Hanoi Charming 2 Hotel 4.7/ 5
  • SIM Cards and Dialing Prefixes

    Pre-paid SIM cards are available everywhere with MobiFone, Viettel and Vinaphone as the most popular brands. To buy a cell phone, visit the big national phone store, Gioi Di Dong on Thai Ha St.

    To call another city from Hanoi, dial the city code and phone number (dial phone number directly if calling within Hanoi). To call Hanoi from outside Vietnam, dial 00, followed by +84, the country code, then (0) 4, Hanoi area code and the number. To make an international call from Hanoi, first dial the access code 001.

    Important Phone Numbers

    Police 113
    Fire 114
    Ambulance 115
    Hanoi French Hospital 3574 1111
    Hong Ngoc Hospital 3927 5568
    Family Medical Practice Clinic 3843 0748
    Tourism Information 3943 7072
    International Telephone Service Enquiries 143
    Hanoi Airport Taxi 3873 3333
    Noi Bai Airport Flight Information 3826 8522 or 3827 1513
    Phone Number Enquiries 116 and 1088

    Getting Around Hanoi - Local Transport Options

    Almost all of Hanoi’s famous attractions are located close to each other so visitors can get around on foot. However, don’t miss an opportunity to ride on an iconic cyclo (or rickshaw). It’s fairly inexpensive, costing a few dollars for an hour-long ride. There is only one problem; although the cyclo was designed for two passengers, many Caucasians find it difficult to fit two in one vehicle.

    Taxis and motorbike taxis are easy to find within the city and it’s best to settle the price before starting out. It might be a wise idea to hand down the exact fare to the driver to avoid any unpleasant ending. Prices vary by distance but it should not be more than a few dollars per trip as Hanoi is compact. Renting a bicycle or motorbike is also another option but the traffic here might be too much for a non-local to cope with.

    Airport Transfer

    There are two city bus services departing from the bus stop located outside the Noi Bai International Airport's arrivals terminal from 05:00 to 22:00. The trip costs will take about an hour. The number 07 bus takes you to Kim Ma Bus Station and the number 17 goes to Long Bien Bus Station. Airport taxis charge a fixed price to travel in to town (including toll fees). The ride takes about 40 minutes and it is advised that you always use an official taxi, i.e. one with the driver’s photo and license number displayed. Taxis are located right in front of the Arrivals exit gate.

    The airport minibuses cost less and leave from right outside the same gate however you may have to wait until the bus is full before it departs.


    Voltage is 220 Volts, 50Hz (or 50 cycles per second). Plugs are either the two flat-pin or the two round-pin type.

    Time Zone

    GMT+7 (the same as Thailand, Cambodia and Laos)

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