Da Nang Restaurants

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Apsara Restaurant

Apsara Restaurant is set in an attractive colonial building on 222 Tran Phu Street and is one of the most popular among the high-end local restaurants. It offers Vietnamese dining in an upscale setting.  

  • Tel: +84 (511) 561 409
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Bamboo Restaurant and Bar

Bamboo Restaurant and Bar on Xuan Dieu offers simple food which is prepared mostly by the owner. It is a place where many expats hang out.  

  • Tel: +84 (511) 3537 831

Bia Tiep Tulip

Bia Tiep Tulip on 2/9 Street, west of the Nguyen Van Troi Bridge offers good BBQ pork ribs and T-bone steaks. 

  • Tel: +84 (511) 3611 822
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Blue Whale Restaurant

Blue Whale is a fine dining beachfront restaurant with elegant décor. It serves fresh seafood obtained directly from local fishermen. It is right on My Khe Beach. To get there just head along the Beach Road from Da Nang to Hoi An.  

  • Tel: +84 (511) 3942 777
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Bread of Life

Bread of Life is a western-style bakery and pizzeria. It has an English-language menu with reasonable prices and friendly staff. 

  • Address: 215 D Tran Phu
  • Tel: +84 (511) 893 456
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Gia Lang Restaurant

Gia Lang is very busy in the evening. Many people like their typical dishes, including thui (grilled beef) in hot pot style or grilled. 

  • Tel: +84 (511) 3561 781

Indochine Garden

Indochine Garden is an old colonial bank building (about 1960s-era). It offers Vietnamese fare and is very affordable. Friendly staff members wear the beautiful traditional Ao Dai dress. English-language menu. 

  • Tel: +84 (511) 887 007

Song Han River Floating Restaurant

Song Han River Floating Restaurant is on the Han River by the Cham Museum. It offers a wide range of seafood as well as eastern and western cuisine aboard a three-storey imperial-style boat. They organise two dinner cruises every evening; the first cruise departs at 18:00 returning at 19:30. The second cruise departs at 20:00 and returns at 21:30. 

  • Tel: +84 (511) 871 069

Tru Clam Vien

Tru Clam Vien Restaurant is famous among locals for its breakfast though they are open from 06:00 until 22:30. Decorated in a relaxing Vietnamese house-style, the tables are along the sides of the house, open to the garden. They have good coffee, tasty baguettes, delicious Vietnamese noodle dishes and more.  

  • Address: 41 Nguy n Van Linh.
  • Tel: +84 (511) 358 4777
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Vietnamese Home

Vietnamese Home on Bach Dang Street serves authentic Vietnamese food in a pleasant atmosphere. 

  • Tel: +84 (511) 3889 575
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